Hot Module Replacement

Elmish applications can benefit from Hot Module Replacement (known as HMR).

This allow us to modify the application while it's running, without a full reload. Your application will now maintain its state between two changes.

hmr demo


Add Fable package with paket:

paket add nuget Fable.Elmish.HMR

Webpack configuration

Add hot: true and inline: true (only for webpack < v5.0.0) to your devServer node.


// ...
devServer: {
    // ...
    hot: true
// ...

Parcel and Vite

Parcel and Vite, are supported since version 4.2.0. They don't require any specific configuration.



Currently, Elmish.HMR only works when running a single Elmish instance with HMR enabled.

If you need supports for multiple Elmish instances, please contribute it to Elmish.HMR via a PR.

The package will include the HMR support only if you are building your program with DEBUG set in your compilation conditions. Fable adds it by default when in watch mode.

You need to always include open Elmish.HMR after your others open Elmish.XXX statements. This is needed to shadow the supported APIs.

For example, if you use it will be shadowed as

open Elmish
open Elmish.React
open Elmish.HMR // See how this is the last open statement

Program.mkProgram init update view
|> Program.withReactSynchronous "elmish-app"

You can also use Elmish.Program.runWith if you need to pass custom arguments, runWith will also be shadowed as Elmish.HMR.Program.runWith:

Program.mkProgram init update view
|> Program.withReactSynchronous "elmish-app"
|> Program.runWith ("custom argument", 42)